September 4, 2014

Follow Your Dreams

You know what? You’ve got to follow your dreams. First of all it’s very important to have dreams. I mean some people HAVE their dreams and other people FIND their dreams. First you have to ‘discover’ your dream then ‘follow’ your dream and then ‘find’ your dream. And once you FIND your dream you’ve got to “Hold on to that dream.” Whatever. Believing in your dream helps make your dream come true. And really don’t be ashamed of your dream even if it seems really common like “becoming an actor,” or “being in a rock band” or just plain old-fashioned “famous.” Great. Those are good dreams … And don’t be deterred, even though a lot of other people who have those EXACT SAME dreams are miserable. Better even. Because what you have to do is, and you know this, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, is follow your DREAM. And if on the path to “having your dreams come true” you stumble or fall or are humiliated over and over in public and if failure is as constant as the days that house them, still don’t let go of that dream. Even if you’re sixty or forty or something and you aren’t even like near to the arena in which dreams come true. Don’t give up. Just work harder and think more about that old dream of yours. Because you’ll die without your dream. I mean you’ll die anyway but you know what I mean…

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August 27, 2014

Bruce’s Camera




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August 6, 2014

Young Drunk Punk to air on CityTV

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival (TOsketchfest) presents YOUNG DRUNK PUNK, written and performed by Kids in the Hall funny-man Bruce McCulloch,live onstage Tuesday, October 21, 2014. This special live performance will launch McCulloch’s new book Let’s Start a Riot: a Series of Bravery and Stupidity, and includes a book signing and post-show reception.

YOUNG DRUNK PUNK, which combines stand-up, live music and assorted autobiographical insights, premiered at TOsketchfest in 2013, and has recently been greenlit by City for a new 13-episode scripted comedy tv series–created, written, and executive produced by McCulloch–set to air in January 2015.

YOUNG DRUNK PUNK chronicles McCulloch’s journey from his wild early days as a ‘young punk’ in 1980s Alberta to his flannel plaid days and futon nights in 1990s Toronto. From scowling teenager to father of two, McCulloch hopes the show serves as a “poor, but ultimately redemptive example for high school graduates today.” The infamous Kid is all grown up, but his singular brand of humour and signature wit remain firmly intact.

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